Get the most out of the Calculator application

Despite the apparent simplicity of the interface, the Calculator app has a number of hidden features. Today we will tell you more about these new features.

How to switch the mode of the calculator?

Basic calculator, Command + 1

Engineering mode – Command + 2

Mode for the programmer, Command + 3

Choose the appropriate mode is also possible in the menu “View”.

Not all users know, but the program has its own ribbon for the calculations. The calculation results can even be printed.

How to enable?

Using the shortcut Command + T, or through menu “View” — “Show the tape of the calculations.”

To print, Command + P or using the menu “File” — “Print feed calculations…”.

In addition, the Calculator app allows you to carry out various conversions. The list includes weight, time, pressure, length, capacity, volume, area, speed, temperature, energy. Additionally, you can spend currency calculations based on data from the Yahoo service. To activate this mode in the section “Conversion”.

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