Get on the notification centre of Android Pie this app

The developer of the application Material to bring the center of notifications, the version of the oreo for Android devices, unveiled the new app brings notification centre version of the Pie from the system without the need for root.

A new app named Power Shade available for Android users 5 in the Play Store, and while you expect a paid version of the app you won’t need to get the appearance of the Android Pie the default, but to allow other options customizable.

Download Power Shade

After you download the app and open it for the first time, you will find a slider that says “Not Running”, and drag the slider to activate move to a new page by the 4 Windows represent the permissions must be granted by the app does its job.

Drag the slider the border every window takes you to the app settings of the phone to prevent the necessary permission for him, after granting all the permissions will be for one app to “Running” any limitation work, will be the Notification Center The design of the Android Pie in the default mode.

The customization options include the Trigger which is the section to customize the interaction with the Notification Center where you can use gestures to open the Notification Center without the need to travel from the top of the screen, and Section Colors to change the colors of the elements of the Notification Center, but the improvement in transparency requires the paid version which cost 4.49$, and a section Layout to change the elements of the Notification Center, but most of the settings require the paid version, and, finally, section Extras to customize the background of Notification Center and add some minor improvements.

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