Get free credits and call to any number in the world for free in this new way !

Apps to get free credits to call rare, and a little are offering it in a genuine way, and among them I brought you today one of the possible applications for this command, available on many of the characteristics that will help you call for free several options of different shapes.


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tikki, this app can call at low cost, i.e., you can talk for hours at the lowest cost, and it gives you free credit when you use it for the first time, of course, that balance may differ from one country to another that it is not necessary to get the same balance, but what is certain is that you can experience the application in the first call free of charge.
Another thing, you can call any phone number and that from personal experience, I made contact with someone through this app, and for this purpose I’ve never written a + icon, just you type the country code followed by the number you wish to call him. Also you can call anonymously about the way to reach Settings, then press the Caller ID, where you can transferred from your telephone to the identity of the unknown. To refer the application you can contact the peace the telephone and thus the caller won’t know you’re connected to the SIM card or through the app.

Is this the app you can get Credits or free credits, just by sharing the app with friends and invite them to use it. Also there is a good feature in the app is the possibility to transfer the balance to my phone number to another only by the choice of Transfer Credits, and when typing in the number to send the balance to him and then Transfer.
Of course, for people interested in buying balance, it’s very easy, just use the option to Buy Credits and select the state and then the balance, and the payment will be by way of May charge, the bank card, or Google Wallet.

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