Get feature Always-On Display of the iPhone

Screen feature standing one of the most prominent features of Samsung phones, but by the application from the App Store you can bring it to the iPhone, calling it easily whenever you want thanks to the tests Siri.

For those who don’t know the screen is standing, It screen there is a black color and information can be customized to display, the most famous being the time, date, and icons for notifications.

Screen mode standing means you are running the screen time available, and because the screens Olid used in the iPhone X do not add a black color, where it reflects the color of the black pixels are off; don’t make the battery a lot of energy in keeping the screen of the permanent works on the screens of Olid. This unlike LCD screens that your energy in lighting the color black.

We do not recommended running mode for a long time on non-iPhones X, because they-the iPhone 8 and the previously – used LCD screens.

App that brings the advantage of the screen standing to the iPhone is OLEDX supports shortcuts for Siri, making it easier to turn on the screen permanent and modified with great ease, and guide you in the following steps.

  • Be sure to download the OLEDX and Application Shortcuts: Shortcuts.
  • Load your custom shortcut to turn the screen standing there.
  • Guide to application shortcuts and click on the screen permanent and click on choose Always on Display to the water automatically.
  • You can facilitate the access to the shortcut to put it in the main screen; to activate it, head to the lock screen and drag to the right then down and select Edit and then add a shortcut to Siri (edit – Add Siri Shortcuts).

All you have to do to turn on the screen standing after that is drag from the lock screen and activate the shortcut.

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