Get experience phones Pixel for free with one Rootless Pixel

Wishes of many users, who do not have phones, Pixel, to have the opportunity to experience the user interface of these phones, which provide applications as found on the Play store, such as Pixel Launcher.

But there is one last development developer Amir zaidi, which was available in the previous platform GitHub, but right now launched a copy of one Launcher3 on the Play Store on behalf of the Rootless Pixel Launcher.

The application is a Rootless Pixel Launcher, which appears from his name that he does not need the powers of root “root,” the appearance of a very similar user interface to current phones Pixel 2, As can access to App drawer by dragging the screen to the top within the main screen.

Are available other advantages, such as “points notifications” that appear on the app icons, added possibility to rotate the screen and change the style of the spread, and offer suggestions most used apps within the app drawer, and change the forms icons.

Can download the application Rootless Pixel Launcher free from the Play Store.

Are you thinking about using the app? We shared your experience in the comments.

Flow city get to experience the phones Pixel for free with one Rootless Pixel was first deployed in the are.

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