Gemalto expanded footprint of data centres in Europe

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جيمالتو توسع بصمة مراكز البيانات في أوروبا

The company announced Gemalto Gemalto, the world leader in Digital Security, announced the expansion of its capabilities in the areas of shipping solutions and access management as a service across the European Union through the establishment of additional data centers in the region, that these new facilities with the assistance of the police to respond to the growing demand for solutions to the authentication cloud-based Access Management, in conjunction with the assisting the customers in the European Union to meet the requirements relating to the rule data.

The need to protect data across all platforms to the cloud in conjunction with meeting the regulatory approvals of the local as a challenge growing in the use of a larger number of companies for various services in the field of cooperation and infrastructure, storage, cloud-based, which is delivered from data centers around the world.

The addition of new data centres from Gemalto to provide companies the ability to take full advantage of the solution sword of intention to authenticate SafeNet Authentication from Gemalto and solve the secure access to the sword of intention to test axis SafeNet Trusted Access, in conjunction with a guarantee of delivery within the European Union.

He told Francois to Cartier Francois Lasnier, vice president and executive identity and access management Gemalto, in this context: “under the pressure imposed by the European system of data protection and other industries to our customers in the European Union to ensure the security of their data, we have seen a significant increase in the demand for the possibility of transformation the place that delivers cloud services. As we expand our services, it is important that we can provide our clients with the best means to manage access to cloud services and multiple, secure flexibility and flowcharts as needed.”

Highlights include technical features in the process of expanding data centers include the following:

  • The data centers services-license ISO 27001 and SOC2 type.
  • Multiple levels, the tenants via the service access management, which gives companies greater flexibility by allowing it to share the services of authentication and cloud-based access management across business units and departments.
  • Conventions strict level of services across all data centres with service availability at 99.99 percent.

Expand the world Center for data

The launch of new data centers in the European Union part of the efforts Gemalto to expand its footprint in the field of global service delivery security cloud-based, and dabigatran at the time of the later of the current year additional data centers in North America, giving global companies a better option for service delivery, and help her to meet the requirements of local regulation and compliance.

Added to Cartier: “the balance clearly in these data centres the philosophy behind the cloud strategy of yours – to expand our footprint in conjunction with take advantage of the latest innovations in the field of connected cloud services provide more flexibility to our customers. In addition, also allow the structure of cloud services, our partners managed services vendors, intermediaries in conjunction with us to offer their services in the field of Access Management based on the cloud without the need to invest in infrastructure”.

The gate Arab News Technical Gemalto expanded footprint of data centres in Europe

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