Gemalto enables the construction of safe and rapid attacks, reliable digital

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You know gemalto company specialized in the field of digital security, in the conference Mobile World MWC 2018 its ability to enable the creation of identities, a digital reliable, will play its part in the launch of a new generation of Digital Services secure and adequate.

Drawing on the unmatched experience enjoyed by the company in areas such as identity verification and biometrics, and mobile, and integrate gemalto all of the techniques necessary to draw out the biometrics and the verification of the identity of the user is well-proportioned and easy, and after securely into digital data.

As a result, will be able to all of the companies the problem for mobile networks, OEMs and other companies to accelerate the strategies of digitization activities, and the launch of new services, fight fraud and comply with the requirements of the relevant laws.

Include solutions to the digital identity trusted gemalto’s three steps to a fully integrated, namely:

  • Registration of identity documents.
  • Validated in addition to the identity of the holder.
  • Create a digital identity trusted by itself.

And the approach adopted by gemalto to enable customers to use several channels, either within the stores or on the internet, and the registration of documents that prove identity, including identity cards, driving licenses, passports, and biometrics, such as fingerprinting and face recognition, using smartphones and tablets or scanners advanced.

Thus, the experience enjoyed by the company in the field of biometric techniques and identity documents safe and ensure the possibility of control fast and reliable and accelerate the process of customer acquisition to be included.

Provide operations gemalto rapid and multi-channel companies the problem for mobile networks and other service providers, the possibility of streamlining their work and digitize it, and allow a reduction of operating costs and enhance the user experience. Moreover, the digital identity trusted to serve as the gateway for participants to get a lot of services sensitive security such as money transfer services by mobile, e-Government and Internet banking, allowing for thecompanies the problem for mobile networks to participate in these fast-growth sectors.

Said Sherry Zamir, Senior Vice President, solutions for the Internet of things for the Commonwealth of Independent States, Middle East and Africa dabigatran in this regard: “you need areto buy network operators, mobile service providers others to adapt to a rapidly changing business environment, and solutions to the digital identity trusted us with its features of security, comfort and efficiency, providing a flexible approach highly accelerate the strategies of digitization”.

Visitors will suite gemalto at the Mobile World Congress 2018 the opportunity to watch live presentations about the company’s ability to record documents that prove the identity of the end user and the value of his life and control them quickly and easily across multiple channels.

Source: gemalto enables the construction of safe and rapid attacks, reliable digital

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