Gartner identifies key ideas that help in strengthening the capacities of the managers of the security

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Highlighted Gartner highlights insights and ideas about how to enable managers to security so they can adapt to their employees and their operations, and operations, with a view to dealing with challenges, old and New, as well as enable them to improve the methodologies they follow in risk management so that they become more permanent and comprehensive, and help them expand their abilities and skills of the security in other ways related to just rely on hiring more people.

The motives of the empowerment they expect from addressing three simple questions: What is important? And what is dangerous? And what is real? He briefed the experts Gartner audience on a series of scenarios of cascading that show the ability of these questions to provide a clear vision, and in every scenario including working the point of intersection of these questions on the changing nature of the conduct in question, thereby changing the work functions.

What is the task? What is the report? What is real?
Innovation for value Start from the perspective of the apparent risk at the enterprise level Adopting the practices of integrated Risk Management IRM Build a strong foundation and well established to deal
Crises, threats and emergencies To achieve transparency and a clear vision on the level of assets and life. Design with a view to achieving flexibility on several levels The use of conversion processes and automation as a force multiplier
Upgrading technology Enable others to participate in the risk management Determine the level of traditional knowledge of the risks Controls of the risks are to recognize and

Adopting the perspective of the apparent risk at the enterprise level

Refer the recommendations of the experts of the foundation Gartner to need to start managers security initiatives based on the perspective of the apparent risk at the enterprise level, has always been the review of the risk, historically, from the narrow perspective, usually the perspective and context of the risk.

He said Cutler then, Vice President of research Gartner: “will some of the key practices significantly in overcoming this obstacle, but should first create and support a culture of accountability and promote ownership of responsibilities and risks, and, therefore, create a risk register at the enterprise level, with a view to Monitoring the most important risks for the institution in all domains, and, finally, plans direct, transparent and capable of making a line of Defense risk in order to protect the goals and objectives of the work.”

The expected risk of the dangers of the internet, which represents part of a growing importance of the risk plan, and here highlights the critical role of the risk management of the integrated IRM.

To achieve transparency and a clear vision on the level of assets and life.

In conjunction with the growth of the vital systems in the enterprise, it becomes almost impossible to grasp all the points of bonding you collect, so arise unexpected consequences when a problem occurs on the extension of system life, however, analysts Gartner have pointed out that overreaction harms the greater region.

Said Craig Lawson, Vice President of research Gartner: “detected during the past year for more than 15,000 security vulnerability, which formed only a small part of the security vulnerabilities that have been categorized as high-risk, it formed a direct threat to the salt, usually have time to assess the situation or the need to respond cautiously and sound, but that sometimes is raised the degree of threat directly to crucial because of the media hype that accompanies them through the mainstream media”.

Enable others to participate in the risk management

Become managers gung need to put the controls appropriate to the environment and the level of risk, need to understand the controls applicable to solutions of most of the supply company or one technology only, and can adapt to changing risk and compliance.

Said Ramon Creek, Vice President of research Gartner: “the controls work biodegradable to turn security into one of motives of technology”.

As pointed out by Mr Crick that it is important to work to empower others in the enterprise, in order to increase the chances of success and to a large degree, experts will Gartner additional analyses on the major trends, the security of information technology through the series of tops Gartner to manage security risks and 2018.

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