Gaming service from Apple with the subscription this year?

One of the services that will launch this year, could become a gaming service subscription. It is reported by the authoritative resource on the Cheddar with reference to five independent sources, who requested anonymity. According to interlocutors of the edition, the upcoming product will be a kind of “Netflix of gaming”, opening up users unlimited access to a huge library of titles from big-name developers for a fixed fee.

Launch subscription game service really makes sense, because games are the most popular category of content in the App Store. Another thing is that today most of the downloads account shareware games distributed under a freemium model. It provides for free download, and free access to the gameplay, but includes in-app purchases, without which it is very difficult to pass the level.

Subscription games

It is obvious that freemium games-it’s not what you want to pay users, Apple is to launch its service is necessary to attract large development Studio, so they filled the new catalog is really cool titles. Moreover, the hardware of a modern iPhone and iPad allows you to do it. If you remember, at the presentation of the iPad Pro 2018 Apple representatives have even compared it to the Xbox One, hinting at the outstanding performance of the tablet.

To a subscription service – is shot for real, Apple will have to negotiate with developers on exclusive occupancy of their games on its platform. However, this will first create such games as transferring to a new directory izezzhennoy along and across the Infinity Blade series or titles such as Fortnite and PUBG, with subsequent removal from range App Store would be a very questionable step.

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