Games series Xbox’s famous Halo will soon be available for case

Confirmed Microsoft’s plans to launch a series of her famous Halo for users of computers during the coming period, to be announced soon for the date of availability of games on the Microsoft Store.

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Is Games series Halo most games required players to computers, characterized by their power of combat experience among the shooting games, but this series possible to enjoy a player my Xbox only for a long time.

Today, Microsoft revealed its plans to bring the famous series to the users of computers, where he is scheduled to be available soon at the Microsoft Store وSteam, for Microsoft to announce soon the launch date of each of the parts of the famous game.

Also scheduled to begin Microsoft the launch of the game Halo: Reach to users of computers in the beginning, which is the version that is presented to players in 2010, to come the rest of the games of power exchange.

On the other hand, Microsoft prepares to launch the latest version of this series Halo: Infinite, where plans were the first company to launch in the month of June, however, Microsoft did not reveal a specific date for the launch of the game until now.


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