Games section Store Play gets on the tab “events”

If you are familiar with the Android games, it probably will be”events” (Events): it is the daily quizzes or weekly if won by the player sleeps additional awards may give him an advantage in play.

To find out the “events” of the current within each game there was two choices: either visit the app page at play or open the game and check it out.. But there is an easier option now, where you can lose all the gaming events of the particular tab games Department in the store.

Shows Baby New, current events and coming soon games installed on the phone of the user, it also includes the events of the other games haven’t tried it, what makes it a new way to explore new games. You can of Tab, launch installed games after seeing the event or even install new games if you find a tempting event.

It seems that the launch of the tab “events” is about gradual, so you may find some users now, it has been waiting for some few days until he gets it.

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