Games on your Mac may become even less

macOS Mojave, which Apple revealed at WWDC 2018 presentation, brought users to a dark mode, a redesigned Mac App Store and more. However, useful and significant innovation is undesirable. For example, Apple is going to restrict the use of OpenGL and OpenCL in favor of Metal.

What does that mean to users? For example, applications built using technologies like OpenGL and OpenCL will still work in macOS 10.14, but updated they will not be. Instead, Apple has put forward the requirements for the games created. They must be adjusted to the Metal API.

Although the decision to abandon old technologies in favor of their own graphical API is justified in the long term, the company has already started to be criticized for such a move, as it can affect the future of gaming on the Mac.

As soon as it became known about the initiative of Apple, many developers have started to renounce the platform.

“The problem with Metal is very similar to the situation with DirectX. The lack of cross-platform is not very good,” said Rami Ismail, game developer.

“Because Macs take up only a small part of the market, it is impractical to spend time on creating the game separately, using the technology of Metal”, — noticed by other users.

Thus, if Apple will continue to move in this direction, macOS is not only a risk to stay without gaming innovations, but will also be able to run already released games built on OpenGL and OpenCL in the near future.

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