Game version Lemmings around the world on the platform of mobile smart phones

Since the game’s release 25 years ago, you know Exient Limited today announced the game version of Lemmings around the world for mobile devices under the license of Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Where back game classic puzzles from the nineties a new form appropriate to the twenty-first devices, and touch, you can play with ease and smoothly to control the new and innovative while maintaining the controls and addicting game that existed in the original.

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Come to the game with a new story where players travel through space and save the llamas photo and building imaginary worlds to live in, the midst of thousands of stages filled with traps and deadly channeling llamas closet for safety.

During your journey in all the tribes of the Alamos (groups of tribes represented all regions), you can participate in competitions online against other players to prove you’re the best!

Added Dave Hawkins, head of Exient Limited “we are a big fan of the game of the nineties of the original, he is the pride of us to work on a new form of Lemmings and a new experience for the mobile platform, we share to you our love of the game Lemmings around the world, and we bring that title prestigious, to his rightful place”.

Will Version game Lemmings today on the platform of the App Store and Google Play for free, to learn more about the game follow our accounts on social media channels.

Twitter: @LemmingsGame

Instagram: @lemmingsofficial

Facebook: Lemmings: The Official Game

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