Game Street Fighter V Arcade Edition to become free for a full week


Are you a fan of the game Street Fighter from the company Capcom is? If you did not purchase the game Street Fighter V yet, we now have some good news. In fact, I announced Capcom recently announced that it will make the game Street Fighter V Arcade Edition, available to download for free for a whole week. This means that you will be able to get the game for free.

Expected to continue this promo from April 23 until May 5. This will apply to millions of Playstation 4 and users of Steam on personal computers. And for those who purchased the game already, it should not have to worry because the company Capcom will give them free gifts and also other.

This includes opening four characters of the DLC for your game, along with a content Breath of Fire II. According to Capcom, has stated by saying : ” as a reward, will be available four characters DLC favorite teachers for free during this experience : Akuma, Blanka, and Juri and Menat. These characters will be available only in situations of Ranked and Casual, and the Battle Lounge and Training and Challenges “.

In addition to providing game Street Fighter V Arcade Edition for FREE, announced Capcom also for sale many bouquets of fashion, so if you are looking forward to some fashion, it may be this is the time to get a new costume.


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