Game smartphone Xiaomi Play get a cheaper CPU MTK

The company Xiaomi is preparing to release gaming smartphone Xiaomi Play. Many had hoped that the Chinese will use a time-tested and high-quality processors from Qualcomm, but to complement their work could have liquid cooling and the increased frequency of the processor. In reality, however, consumers will have a completely different solution is not very attractive processor from MTK.

We are talking about CPU MTK Helio P90 (2 core Cortex A75 2.2 GHz 6 cores Cortex A55 with a frequency of 2 GHz). The processor performance compare with the yet to be released Snapdragon 730. However, it should be noted that this is still not a Snapdragon, and certainly not 845-yy.

The smartphone will also receive a standard for 6 GB of RAM and 64 or 128 GB of flash memory, as well as of 5.84 inch FHD+ screen and a fairly small battery on 3000 mAh. Very questionable amount of battery for a gaming smartphone.

The Network has also leaked the price is 1699 yuan or $ 246. Adding just $ 50, you can purchase Poco F1 Snapdragon processor 845.

And here is the device in the photos:

Why MTK is bad?

It’s all about the support for new versions of Android. MTK to promote the new processors will cease to provide the kernel source code to manufacturers, which smartphones are not very modern processors from MTK don’t get new versions of Android. In addition, the source code will not have access to the developers of custom firmware.

In addition, the accelerator Adreno processor Snapragon better than any similar competitors ‘ solutions, so for gaming the Snapdragon processors are the most appropriate option.

It is unclear for whom and why Xiaomi is preparing to release Play. Of course, he has a small cutout in the form of a drop, but today few people can surprise.

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