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This topic review wrestling game WWE 2K19 appeared on Engadget.

Like a lot of players get to experience an extraordinary and exciting in the wrestling games, play WWE 2K19 come features may pay you to keep playing for long hours.


Developed a new version of wrestling games in WWE game 2K19 launched on the 9th of October, but they don’t come to focus to entertain the player, but they are transmitted in to the actual events more exciting and.

Player Daniel Bryan is central to the development of Showcase in Game WWE 2K19 this year, so if you are a fan of that player you can choose to put the toys Showcase preferred to a lot of players in game series of 2K until now.

Certainly increase the return of Daniel Bryan from the excitement of the game especially with the start of wrestling and with John Cena on Velocity, where the launch of the player Daniel Bryan of the new in-game scenario for the competition and win the world title after that the player is fully in accordance with the scenario in which the mode of the game.

Game WWE 2K19 provide scenario-specific games in the game store for games Traditional, you may witness a fight the players are also behind the scenes for more challenge and excitement in making a game, or a Sudden Attack of one of the players in the events of wrestling, coupled with the events of a sudden you’re going to get stunned in the homes of the players.


Certainly the events of the game WWE 2K19 out of the elevator group model that I used to know, where are added new events in games to impress players with the latest simulates realistic wrestling matches in real life.

Also when the player in several movements consistent policy of moving the game automatically to the last run with a bigger offer, without any input from the player, to improve the participation of wrestling realism, with the movements of the Steel has been much effort in it certainly to ideally when starting a self-challenge in the game.

Game WWE 2K19 also offer some of the players, for example, added to the personality of Bryan quick movements inside more, it also comes personalized Triple H moving strong and effective in you install players, also features Kane its slow which is famous for, where the Add method of the wrestlers effectively convince the player.

Don’t expect special game WWE 2K19 on the characters provided just the players, but they offer the advantage of innovation, the sources of your specifications and the preferred method here also, it is possible that we used it in the series of WWE Games 2K.

So you will also have this year some of the choices that support you in the configuration of the personal wrestling superstar Your, where you’ll only have to click fast to select the specification of the factories, and provide you with the game also the time required to address specific elements when you create WWE Superstar preferred, as that conversion takes less time than usual to test the movement of the factory new.

WWE-2K19-Review- Block Bodies

One of the nurses that also offer in-Game WWE 2k19 is a game mode in Minecraft, where this feature is in the game بBlock Bodies, so you can choose one of these characters for realistic characters, as you can create and configure a personalized Minecraft the tools the game gives you, where it may take innovation personal a period of 10 minutes, so it won’t be a complicated process or need a professional to configure the profile.

The official announcement of the game 2K19 mentioned Towers in the game, one of the nurses recognized in the game Mortal Kombat, where each tower in the game settings and difficulties different from the other, as offer rewards to players according to the performance of the player in each tower, so will have the player more choices in play, which is a good addition in a game of 2K.


A lot of nurses are provided by the game WWE 2K19 already, but it’s not without flaws also, although the flaws may not represent the importance of many players, for example when you create a character are highlighted in pink on the elements with a white facade in a game which represents a difficulty in vision often or cause jamming of the player choice.

There are also drawbacks appear in the audio in the game, especially when you start a Daniel Bryan novel scenario of his return to Wrestling, where the game audio without life and also varies The Voice of someone of Triple H, which does not express the personality of the player for sure.

Also do not choose voice low and gas is appropriate in each of the characters of Undertaker, and Braun Strowman, where these characters also perform poorly does not reflect real personal.

Of course don’t affect these defects on the features of the competition events, wrestling and fighting in the game WWE 2K19, but it may represent an inconvenience to the player in the suitable on the internet for example.



Don’t submit this version of the game WWE 2K19 radical change for the perks that I knew in the wrestling games, but the events of the game come with improvements, of course, about last year’s version, where he contributed to new situations with scenarios that put into the game to enrich the game, also there is the advantage of Towers, put the game on the internet with My Player that will draw a lot of players for sure until the next release from 2K

This topic review wrestling game WWE 2K19 appeared on Engadget.

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