Game PUBG choose to determine the number of hours I play daily

Learn the game PUBG lot of criticism in India, especially after being linked to several deaths, led to prohibit them in some cities temporarily, and this prompted the game to begin testing a way to relieve the excessive use of it by determining the hours of daily play allowed.

According to the sources, the game will send the user an alert after 6 hours playing through and entered her again, she would tell him to stop working and the following materials that he can start playing again.

And also ask the game the user’s age if over 18 years or not cover the the form of restrictions by the small players.

Of course all of this is still under testing where the deployment of a number of players in India tweets on Twitter show the alarm message, and we don’t know if they will launch it officially or not, as well as if we could see its extension to other states.

Try the game this way to prove something from its responsibility towards the players and in turn alleviate their addiction in the hope that remove the ban expressed in some Indian cities.

Will it last you 6 hours playing a day?

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