Game Metal Slug Infinity is now available officially on Android

لعبة Metal Slug Infinity متاحة الآن ورسميًا على أندرويد

In the month of March, it was announced the availability of the game Metal Slug Infinity pre-registration on the store Google Play, and after a slight delay here’s the game is available officially for all Android users, which is a RPG game New ekkorr, and by the way I got ekkorr on the license development of the game by the company SNK, following their success in the game of RPG Endless Frontier Saga 2 on Android.

Generally in regards to the game Metal Slug Infinity is a continuation of the series running, weapons, classic, and structured way to the game around the simple controls by clicking, you will spend most of your time in managing your troops and your.

Finally game Metal Slug Infinity is available for free download on the Play Store, but include internal purchases somewhat prohibitive, as well as embed their ads, and of course to get rid of these ads should be your intention to pay.

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