Game Marvel Realm of Champions will be present on Android and iOS next year

All companies develop games Kabam and Netmarble once again with Marvel to provide the game a “RPG” real-time on both Android and iOS. Will address on behalf of the Marvel Realm of Champions, and will serve as homework as a follow-up to the game other Marvel Contest of Champions.

لعبة Marvel Realm of Champions ستكون حاضرة على أندرويد و iOS العام القادمGame Marvel Realm of Champions will be present on Android and iOS next year

It is expected that the game be present at some time in the next year, 2020, but what is certain is that the company has announced its intention to launch its game this next year. And, apparently, will Realm of Champions a new offer for the world of Marvel, which is located on the World “planet banned hidden behind the barrier of space-time”, the used space because of the death of The God-King “maestro”, and this battle at the level of the universe.

As expected, the declaration that emerged on the game didn’t know the way to play, and we still have a lot of time to find out exactly how well you play.

Anyway, based on the description of the game, they will be the title or as a base RPG to experience the play directly, in real-time.

Will fight the opponent in the games PvE and PvP across a variety of maps and special character of the Marvel characters growing.

Begin by choosing your hero to provide him with gear, and then you have to use your character’s abilities strategically every battle for maximum destruction.

It seems also, that it would be four factions separate, at least in the game, once you choose your faction, you will have to work with other players to win.

As for the pricing of the game, since they are products of the cooperation between Kabam and Netmarble is expected to be address free. However, going to be the game is full of processes of internal purchase.

Finally, there is currently no indoor shots related to Game of Realm of Champions, this non-being coming in 2020.

But, if you wish to receive updates about the development of the new game, you can register to get these alerts on the game’s official website via the following link Marvel Realm of Champions.


Marvel Realm of Champions

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