Game Galaxy wars Wars of Glory – strategy game the distinctive atmosphere of the historic trolley!

Strategy games buffs preparing the armies, plans and tactics of attack and defence maybe you should try the game Galaxy wars “Wars of Glory” of the Arab character, where would you game to the ancient Arab historical to live the experience of conquest and war in the air stunts.

The developers of the game Galaxy wars Wars Of Glory are themselves based on the development of the game Clash of Kings famous, which means that you will enjoy the experience of playing professional has been designed to suit the user’s Arab heritage and culture. The game “Galaxy wars Wars Of Glory” takes place in medieval times, the feel that the player right through the atmosphere of the game in general and the design of the squares and the clothes and the music and background sounds.

Features of the game Galaxy wars Wars of Glory :

  • The latest system Fighting Championship, is different from any strategy game again, where they can take the heroes to the invasion was unprecedented in the Arab world, with extras more exciting and fun.
  • A unique system for review of the fight scenes, to see more realistic and the adventures more dangerous.
  • A simple Guide for beginners, through the use of simple phrases in the construction of the city from the beginning, to military training, and even another war epic.
  • Guidance system functions-linear, to make the game simulators very easy, at the beginning of your learning of the game.
  • Strategies high military intelligence, through tactics higher and offered by the game players.

After you play a game of Wars of Glory deeply you’ll find with ease it’s the perfect game easy to play with mastery and expand their tactics in play, not only in urban cities and development and weapons, but there are collections of tactics are endless in the war of the Alliance and the freedom of the state.

The most enjoyable is that your Alliance to send spies before the outbreak of the war to the Alliance of the enemy reconnaissance on the conditions just like in real wars, there are in alliance the distribution of tasks to the Allies, there is an ally provides you with the resources to develop and another ally fighting ally of the Fancy third-diplomatic work with the other alliances which makes the game more fun and simulate real Wars The Old.

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Developer : Elex

Price : free

  Click here to download

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