Game Forza Street coming this year for iOS devices

Announced Studio games developer Games Series cars Forza famous for the launch of a new game known as Forza Street.

Which experience is designed to play them fully fit to play at any time, so that they will be available on iOS and Android sometime in the coming months, knowing that it is now available to play on Windows 10.

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لعبة Forza Street

One of the biggest advantages of the game, is its ability to sync settings and across devices and platforms. Designed by verification tools in a intuitive and simple to focus on the brakes and the timing of gas dribbling to ensure your win.

You’ll find a huge variety of vehicles in this game full of movement. Cars will compete in races cinematic intense start of fast races and long, which takes one minute to engage in the story mode the deep.

You can download the game for free now on devices Windows 10, with version, iOS, and Android that will be released later this year.

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