Game Fortnite was used to launder money

Brought dramatic increase in the popularity of the game Fortnite with some of the side effects bad, where it turns out recently that he was using the game to launder funds.

Report of the Variety has been found that criminals turn their credit cards stolen to cash through a series of processes that depend on the game and accessories popular affiliate content rechargeable.

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After you create a free account, used to laundry money that the stolen cards to buy currency Fortnite within the game in addition to leather items and other digital, then they sell the account as a whole through e-stores like eBay or even on the dark web or PayPal.

The difficulty in the control of this problem in that many users who sell their accounts in electronic stores such as eBay are doing so legally, after that they got on digital accessories and in-game currency with real money, at which time the operating company on the development of the trading interface removes the need to buy full accounts.

Source: Variety

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