Game Fortnite Hub world talk Now … watch it! its on Android!

If you mesh lovers of games, then surely you have heard about the game Fortnite, they are one of the most popular video games in the world currently, there is no doubt that this game will be history already, the game is available from the company Epic Games a few months back, made him $ 300 million during just the past month, and this is one of the numbers that belong to the game only, which became known by everyone in the world right now.

Although the game is available on the personal computer and video games home Xbox One from Microsoft and PlayStation 4 In addition to being made available on the iOS which means that you can play on phones Apple iPad Tablet, however the game is still under development for two system Android and hybrid games of Nintendo Nintendo Switch.

Unfortunately, the absence of game to the now from Android is used in a bad way by the developers of malware, as those positions that exploit the best form of victimization, so you have to be careful and know that you do not own a phone from Apple would delay the game to your game that will be released on Android in the coming months and can’t play it in any form currently.

And exploit researchers through the search engine where the fake copies of the game in APK format which harm the user when installed to the various forms of damage that could be done by malware. Youtube also is used to entrap victims, and to convince them, since there are videos on YouTube -with the – already got millions of views.

And when you do download one of the APK files of the famous game Fortnite is asked to confirm the action check the device here is to use your phone to make a profit hackers, which is definitely not what you want, in any form, so you have to be careful and wait until you get the game for free from the store Google Play, and in the case download the APK file of the game or application, you should resort to reliable sources to avoid this malware is harmful.

It is worth mentioning that the developed Battle Royale, a free game Fortnite was behind the success of the game firing from a third-person perspective, although the company Epic Games didn’t think of in that phase myself, but she copied directly from the game Pupg or Player to Unknown’s Battleground which has achieved great success in, when achieved Fortnite biggest success and funds most often the fact that this phase is completely free unlike PUGB, which came at an affordable price.

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