Game Fortnite gets $ 100 million of revenue on the iOS platform within 90 days

Fortnite Battle Royale

Although the game Fortnite was exposed to a lot of criticism by many players because of the gameplay mechanism that resembles the mechanism of play in the game PUBG, they enjoyed increasing popularity on the personal computer so superior to the likes of Battlegrounds, it seems to have become also a phenomenon on the iOS platform as well.

Just three months after its launch, she managed to get the game Fortnite to achieve a new accomplishment on the iTunes store the App Store through harvesting by about $ 100 million of revenue. This score put the game ranked second immediately after the Clash Royale, which managed to won 154 billion USD of revenue within 90 days and 100 billion USD in a matter of 51 days.

It is important to note that the game Fortnite was only available to users who have support in the first two months. Thus, if there wasn’t a support system for you. the game has won more than $ 100 million of the proceeds most likely by the last day of the second month.


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