Game Fortnite breaking 125 million global users within one year

Fortnite Battle Royale

I’ve been version game Fortnite by company Epic Games less than a year ago, but this game has proven its great success. She gave us company Epic Games now some information about the number of players who enjoy this game. According to the company Epic Games, has clarified to us today that the game Fortnite now has more than 125 million users globally, and this figure is very impressive given that the game was released less than a year ago.

The launch of the game Fortnite in July of last year, but the company Epic Games didn’t you shoot put the Battle Royale Mode in the beginning, but it arrived after a few months, and exactly in the month of September last year. The last time revealed by the company Epic Games for the information about the user base the game Fortnite in the month of January of this year when the company revealed that the game has been downloaded nearly 45 million times. He also confirmed the company Tencent invested in the company Epic Games in the past week, that more than 40 million people play Fortnite at least once a month.

It’s not surprising to see that Fortnite is so popular due to the fact that it is available on all major platforms almost, Add to that it is available for free download. Furthermore, make sure you also access the game Fortnite to your Nintendo Switch.

Product key the only one remaining now is android, but previously to buy Epic Games that promised the issuance of the game on the Android platform in the summer of this year, that means in the not too distant future.



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