Game Fortnite Battle Royale may also reach for your Apple TV in the near future

Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite is one of the most popular games on the planet at the moment. This game is available to users on many operating systems, including Android platform, which arrived recently. Now, it seems that the game Fortnite will be released for Apple TV as well in the future. In fact, it was found that not was discovered code suggests that the game Fortnite may be up to your Apple TV.

Fortnite is a game of combat Free, this is one of the reasons that led to the rise of the popularity of the game in recent months with the knowledge that it is already available on many operating platforms of Apple, including MacOS and iOS.

Account StormLeaks on Twitter which focuses on leaks Fortnite figured out the code related to the system of TvOS in the source code of the game. As you probably know, the operating system used in Apple TV supports TvOS. This is an indication that the game Fortnite will be the most likely device to your Apple TV.

There’s a bunch of code that remember the operating system TvOS, but its a far cry from the confirmation of the coming game Fortnite to your Apple TV, but it appears that the company Epic Games thinking Maybe in the launch of this game on the platform.

Because the remote in the Apple TV does not contain the controls required to interact with the game, you’ll have millions of this device to buy the hand controller are compatible if they want to play a game Fortnite on your Apple TV, this is assuming that the company Epic Games has actually launched the game Fortnite on the product.



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