Game Fortnite Battle Royale has become now supports more Android devices

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When the company Epic Games launched the game Fortnite Battle Royale on Android platform for the first time, there were strict requirements necessary to provide in the device to run this game, and that’s what makes this game largely confined to the leading smartphones with the processor Snapdragon 820 or newer processor. But if you have an Android phone category average, don’t worry because the game is Fortnite now supports more devices.

According to the observations of the Epic Games described in the game, they clearly indicate that the game Fornite for Android will now be included with devices by therapists Snapdragon 670, Snapdragon 710. This means that smart phones such as the Galaxy A8S and Xiaomi Mi8 Special Edition and Nokia 8.1 and Oppo R17 Pro and Oppo R17 and Vivo Z3 will not face any problem in running the game.

Unfortunately for the players who had hoped to bring the new update for the game support to play at 60 FPS, it seems they will have to wait longer. Why use company Epic Games it keep up to date, but noted that it may take some time before you can Android devices to enjoy the game at 60 fps with the science that he became able to features phones iPhone newest Apple to enjoy it recently.

Generally, you must have the update for the game available already, so moved to the appropriate app store to get the latest version of the game.


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