Game focus Quick Cube is now available on Android and iOS and windows

لعبة التركيز Quick Cube متاحة الآن على أندرويد و iOS وويندوز

Must take same day for a second entertain of yourself, always have your smart phone always with you, it’s a tool, and that is by downloading one of the games, and fortunately, stores various operating systems are full of games all shapes and types, but requires users usually download games simple but the possibilities are astonishing, one of these games is a game of Quick Cube and recently on both Android and iOS and windows for free and full.

Where the rupture of this game between the excitement and thrill of on the one hand, and focus, on the other hand, in short is a fantastic game and very entertaining, where all you need is focus to develop and build the cubes and build the greatest Tower of cubes and get the highest points.

On the other hand, also come to the game Quick Cube with 10 different levels, and you must win and get to specific points in order to unlock the next level, where you can find out how many Points you need to unlock each level by clicking on the icon the instructions on the main page in the game.

لعبة التركيز Quick Cube متاحة الآن على أندرويد و iOS وويندوز

As for the possibility to use, as we pointed out earlier that we must focus to put the cubes and match them to each other, you will see the cube moving right-left, and the moment where the cube is identical with the other cubes click anywhere on the game screen to drop the cube, and so on.

Finally, if you’re interested you can get the game Quick Cube downloaded free of charge, in moving to its official website from here, and upload them to your operating system, the more worthy of note that game supports 64-bit Windows system only.

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