Game EVE Echoes will be available as a demo version in December next

Approaching the date of the official announcement of the game adventure and freedom magazines EVE Echoes on the Android operating system.

لعبة EVE Echoes ستكون متاحة كإصدار تجريبي عام في ديسمبر القادمGame EVEEchoes will be available as a demo version in December next

In the month of last August, we learned that the game EVE Echoes has been launched as a pilot to a closed “alpha” for some limited Android users, and by the way going to be the game of the development of each of the company NetEase and CCP Games.

Today announced NetEase and CCP Games that empirically Open will be during the month of December this year, at the same time, be now introduced new assets and the location of the formal channels and means to communicate socially, in the same context, it was noted that the game will be available to demo for the first time at EVE Vegas this weekend.

Anyway, be on the EVE Echoes bring the world of EVE is obvious from your computer to phones and Android tablets, although it is unfortunately no up to date information about how the monetization of the game, or when should I expect the official version, but as we get closer to the demo version open in December, will appear more details.



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