Game developers Westworld stole software code from Bethesda

Surprisingly, but it happens. Bethesda has accused Warner Bros. and Behavior Interactive in the theft of source code Fallout Shelter. It all started with the fact that publisher Warner Bros. hired a team of developers from Behavior Interactive to develop a game based on the TV series “the wild West“.

The developers of Behavior Interactive was developing a Fallout Shelter, respectively, the source code of the game was available to them.

Glancing at Westworld, you can immediately notice a strong resemblance to the Fallout Shelter. And it’s not just about the gameplay, but the graphic component of animation and concept.

But not even that interesting. Bethesda stated that Westworld preserved text bug from Fallout Shelter:

“A similar problem appeared in the original version of Fallout Shelter, but was taken before the public version of the Fallout Shelter was released”

And of course it says only one — in Westworld used the source code of the Fallout Shelter. Bethesda has also announced that it has signed a contract with Behavior Interactive, according to which the source code of the Shelter is the property of Bethesda.

In this regard, Bethesda has filed a lawsuit in court, according to the lawsuit, the publisher Worner Bros. must stop any distribution of games Westworld.

Application: Westworld
Developer: Warner Bros. International Enterprises
Category: Simulators
Version: 1.8
Price: Free
Download: Google Play

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