Game confrontation The KillBox Arabic reductions for a limited time !

Fan of the game confrontation war, it is the Arabic version of the global game The Killbox, after the support of the Arabic language as well as the Arab environment, today we have with us great deals not to be missed, and you can identify them through the day.

لعبة المواجهة - The Killbox لمحبي التحدي والإثارة ، أقوى الالعاب الاستراتيجية !

Game showdown – The Killbox for the challenge and the excitement, of the strongest strategy games !

Environment bandwagon with the finer details !

Be sure that you all know the famous game: confrontation or The Killbox, the latter of which come to destroy the Arab environment where the minutest details, as well as the language, which makes it available for gamers in the Arab States, to fight a war strong and significant, with the graphics high-resolution, effects real, to feel like you are inside the game already.

The game is characterized with clashes directly inspired between individuals and teams in various weapons traditional and private, making it one of the best games challenging, enjoy with your friends, form a team of your own and participate in the strongest competitions with other teams from different countries of the world.

The tops formed a team to your war and fight confrontations !

You’ll miss a lot of fun and if you are a fan of war games, however confrontation is considered the best in terms of contesting the confrontation aesthetic, and development with different teams, simply load it and invite your friends and start forming a leadership team, and explore the advantages a lot that this is the most important:

  • Confrontations protector and straightforward.
  • Team consists of face the reality of 6 members.
  • The experience of shooting with the movement system tactical Controller.
  • Multiple stages and varied in terms of places and difficulties.
  • Diverse teams uniform to face the enemies.
  • The case for unity in the phase space.
  • Competition is open to everyone!
لعبة المواجهة

The game confrontation

As well as what ever, the game confrontation contain additional advantages that make them the best are as follows:

  • The story mode to see the team members of the update of the confrontation is not connected to the internet
  • Your ranking weekly in these confrontations, challenges and empowers you to get bonuses in the game
  • Withdrawals are automatic for rewards in the game
  • Bonus multiplier when you hit the head directly.

With these wonderful benefits, the competition will be great, the challenge is huge, you need to the capabilities of the tactics and plans of the group to win the challenge compared to other regions.

Characters, variety of weapons !

So don’t be playing boring, you can choose your character for you, both in the Arab environment or the world, as well as the weapons manifold, that you can use depending on the circumstances of the battle, with the renewal in the characters and weapons periodically in all updates to come.

Special Offers and discounts for a limited time:

You can now take advantage of the many offerings available in the game, where you can get a lot of advantages offers discount for a limited time, giving you that edge in your battles and help your team to victory and leadership to it.

As well as these deals:

  • There will be special offers over the coming days on all the game’s weapons and characters
  • To distinguish yourself and become a player VIP and characterized as a fighter in the showdown game you need to buy jewelry which include offers discount temporary.
لعبة المواجهة

The game confrontation

Has the game got the updates within access of game on many advantages:

  • Stealth mode ensures you get more fun and challenges.
  • Balls luck: you can collect them to get more weapons.
  • Alliances: you can fight many of the wars within the Alliance.
  • A range of weapons and a new Dragon.
  • More diverse weapons
  • More Arabic characters.

Of course continues the development of the game ready, it will make the later on updates on the iPhone and Android includes the following:

  • Modes game, new game modes new maps new!
  • New balls at a great value!
  • The development of the play mode of the joint (Co-op).
  • New weapons, drones, monsters and new characters are coming in now!
  • To enhance the personality of the Arab warrior abilities stronger.
  • Improve the interface of the game, improve the game quality.
  • Download faster.
  • Multiple improvements.

In case of any query about the game, you can communicate with your support team a team development, it will make them all the assistance required while rapid, as well as the possibility to follow the game through:

Facebook page:

Page Instagram


Works on iPhone, iPod-Touch, iPad, and Android devices .

Operating system compatible: iOS 8.0 or newer, and Android 4.0.3 or newer .

Size devices Apple: 557 MB .

Size Android devices: by device .

Download on Apple devices:

Developer : Ugamehome Inc

Price : free

  Click here to download the application

Download on Android devices:

Developer : DCP.CO.AE

Price : free

  Click here to download the application

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لعبة المواجهة - The Killbox لمحبي التحدي والإثارة ، أقوى الالعاب الاستراتيجية !

Game showdown – The Killbox for the challenge and the excitement, of the strongest strategy games !

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