Game Command & Conquer: Rivals is available now version first Android

لعبة Command & Conquer: Rivals متوفّرة بالآن بالإصدار الأولى في أندرويد

During an event held in Los Angeles, the company announced the EA that she has returned to the franchise Old of her rich from the definition game, Command & Conquer, which should be a familiar name among masses of users, now available on mobile phones in the name of Command & Conquer: the Rivals, with reference to availability is now in pre-Alpha on the store Google Play just.

On the other hand, the company indicated that its new game this was designed to be a strategy game in real time, with product design engineers made for mobile devices, so will give players The you live fast and attractive with the continuous transformation, where important and strategic at the same time.

The game offers two factions each faction has different leaders and different abilities, and frankly the game Command & Conquer: the Rivals don’t offer the full experience as it is on computers, not to mention that the map size is rather limited, and still the game is incomplete, where the wants are to include the comments of the players while they Polish things, and here comes the test program pre-alpha of the new available on the Play Store.

Finally, although the game is free, however, EA is planning to introduce remittance-minute “purchases” units more power at a later time, currently, as we pointed out available with the version of the demo on the Android platform, it is expected that we see on iOS later this year without any word from the company about that.

Download game Command & Conquer: the Rivals of here.

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