Game Carmen Sandiego educational now available on Google Earth

لعبة Carmen Sandiego التعليمية متوفرة الآن على Google Earth

Maybe a lot of had a lot of fun to navigate between the state and identify areas not visited by the cross-program Maps Google Earth, look now an opportunity to restore some of the memories via the game control the educational Carmen Sandiego that provide an atmosphere of fun and education at the same time as becoming available through the program currently.

And anyone who has never experience of the game they are adapted from a cartoon character fictional you need Netflix based on tracking the movements of a person is Carmen Sandiego by the investigator who holds the position of the player; for the arrest by increasing the number of the various landmarks around the world and question the local population about the personal and deduce their destination during their vacation, which contain hints about countries and famous monuments or the customs of Be are the way to progress in the stages of the game.

And provides the game show a distinct and clear details of the areas and for the purchase of a fantastic view of Trogir for the series and the exploitation of three-dimensional maps; they lack the sound effects that were available in version computers, you can experience the game through the version of Google Earth via Chrome andiOS andAndroid.

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