Game Brawl Stars multi-player finally hit Android

لعبة Brawl Stars متعددة اللاعبين أخيرًا تصل أندرويد

It seems that the game the Brawl Stars have achieved great success on iOS, to now begin the first days of her life on the other system the Android platform, although it is not available to everyone both on Android and iOS it was only in the queue, for the game the Brawl Stars or fight wars in Arabic, is one of the real-time strategy games have been released and posted by the company Super weapon.

As for the way to play it multiplayer with the player depending on his level and the total number of awards, says the player collects brawler and pick one of them to attack in every game, unlike the existing cards in the game clash Royale, come brawley stars with six types of rarity: common, rare, Super rare, epic, Fable, legendary.

لعبة Brawl Stars متعددة اللاعبين أخيرًا تصل أندرويد

Currently includes 18 bitchy, two fleet executives, and players can get feisty from the funds of the quarrel which can be bought by 100 pieces in cash or by 10 jewels, as well as the purchase of special funds by the jewels, as the player can join for bands to play along with other players, here there are five modes that can be played in brawley stars they “put the bonus, fight, ball, swatting edge, speed mode and confrontation”.

In the same topic but from another context it seems that Supercell is working on Brawl Stars long ago, however has not been released in spite of the launch for a year on iOS, so look forward to the game is selected completely from the mistakes, finally, as we pointed out earlier all are currently limited so if you are in one of these areas, “Canada or Denmark or Finland or Hong Kong or Ireland or Macau or Malaysia or Norway or Singapore or Sweden” then you are lucky and should be able to install the game now.

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