Game Brawl Stars disappear the first month to a net profit of more than 60 million


Won the latest games company Supercell game Brawl Stars gross proceeds estimated at 63.4 million during the first month of its launch.

She had kicked off the game on December 12 last to show us the company’s strategy which is based on game launch successful New whenever you fell popular toys and the number of its users.

The company achieved gross proceeds of approximately $ 1.4 million from her famous such as klášter Royal of inscriptions of Clans soon took the other.

Come more than a quarter of the proceeds of the game the Brawl Stars from the United States, just where has become the most popular game out there in app stores.

Course No. 63 million is not a record in the history of the company, for example, has made the game Clash Royale more than $ 136 million in the first month, but taking into account it was the continued success of the game Clash Of Clans soon took.

It is worth mentioning that the game the Brawl Stars were available since last summer in certain countries, such as Canada, but in the middle of last December were made available in all countries of the world and on my shop Google Play and the Apple App.

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