Game Borderlands 3 officially launched for users in the 13 of September

Officially announced today at the expense of Borderlands 3 on Twitter about the launch date of the game the combat associated with users, where the available for different games starting from the 13th of September.

Apply game Borderlands 3, on 13 of September officially for users of the computers, and PS4, and also Xbox One, that version is available your computer exclusively in the store Epic Games during six months of the launch of the game, and then will be available the game also on Steam.

Also scheduled to stop the game Borderlands 3 for pre-order on the official website of the Borderlands, where the game developers request and Prior reservation is now a special range of gold weapons, as revealed Gearbox during the announcement of the game in the month of March about some of the names in the game including (Moze the Gunner, the وFl4K the Beastmaster, the وAmara the Siren to the side of Zane the Operative), and the names of the wicked Calypso Twins, is expected to apply to other parts of this series also.


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