Gambling addiction is a disease. Now officially

Well, gamers, nerds, now your relatives, friends, and teachers have an extra reason to lecture you about the dangers of computer games.

The fact that the world health organization (who) officially added to the list of diseases the new gaming disorder. Yes, it is now considered a disease. More precisely, a psychological disorder.

Code of disease — 6C5. It’s funny, but the code 6С4 have disorders caused by psychoactive substance use.

Of course, all gamers to call patients who will not. Like any other disease or disorder, the games have their own criteria and symptoms. You can admit patients if you:

  • Can’t take control of the game (it’s not about when you can’t take TOP1 in PUBG, and when can’t control his addiction)
  • Put the game above other vital interests
  • Abuse gaming to our detriment

That is, if you, for example, to fly day and night rubites in line… well, what line in 2К18… PUBG clog on sleep, food, friends, and work, and you already had health problems caused by lack of sleep, malnutrition (or eating some chips with coke), then, congratulations, you are officially sick.

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