Galaxy X folding may have 3 screens

Phone Samsung’s upcoming flagship, known in the media as the Galaxy X, is expected to have three screens in Leeds, according to a report from the source of Korea was quoted by Forbes magazine.

When the Galaxy X Open, move two screens the size of 3.5 inch to give you a full width screen size 7 inches, almost the size of iPad Mini. The second screen, they are to work in “phone mode”, and will be behind the device when in “Tablet mode”.

So, the device will be a tablet/phone at the same time. You can visualize it as a book; when closed, this “phone mode”, where the front cover is the screen. When open, be in Tablet mode, and inside the book the entire screen, without cutting.

Recall that Samsung developed this phone/tablet since 2011, and had planned to launch in 2017, but she did not do, to in Mobile World Congress which was held in February, it plans to launch the phone this year.

Also, it’s not Samsung alone who are working foldable phone, the FAO registered a patent in 2017 can not be foldable phone, there are rumors that Huawei may launch a phone during the 2018 as well.

Source: Forbes

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