Galaxy the A10 will be the first phone from Samsung with sensor fingerprint in the screen


It seems that Samsung is still committed to the strategy test new features in the series phones Galaxy A Series first before you bring her to a series of its smart phones flagship Galaxy S Series, and this rumor is the latest that we have today is proof of that.

According to leaked Chinese famous @MMDDJ_ on the network Twitter, it seems that Samsung is working on a new phone carries the name of Galaxy A10 will be the middle class will be Sensor fingerprint in the screen. Unfortunately, the tweet that was posted on the Twitter I don’t remember anything else although this is not the first time that we hear about the coming of Galaxy A10.

Mentioned the same account on Twitter that Samsung is working on a new phone belongs to the series phones Galaxy A Series is equipped with the processor Snapdragon 845. Web phone Galaxy A10 a candidate strongly to use this processor for sensor fingerprint built-in screen because the phone Galaxy A8S, for example, includes processor Snapdragon 710. Overall, we hope to accumulate more evidence in the near future to allow more image.


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