Galaxy S9 will support Android updates fast

Though not confirmed by Samsung at the official announcement, according to confirmed sources to support phones Galaxy S9 وS9 plus for Android fast.

What is a project trip?

Announced Google for a project Tribune in conjunction with the announcement of Android oreo 8.0 conference I/O last year, the project aims to re-engineering framework for Android even allows manufacturers of smart phones brought the versions and updates the last system to their devices quickly. And the idea of project trips to separate the work of Google on the Android platform for business partners manufacturers of hardware on the system and make sure the Android platform is compatible with the new slide. In this way can the manufacturers of smart phones to support the participation of Tribune’s launch of the Android updates immediately after they arrive from Google, without waiting for the manufacturing partners (such as Qualcomm) to launch the Update software. Google has a chance to support manufacturers watch the tribune if they wanted to get Android P new, and did not support the project required the arrival of the Android oreo. Support Galaxy S9 to watch the tribune means that it will receive software updates as they arrive from Google, and because that feature mobility Samsung phones in general which is late in bringing software updates; it has already Samsung said it will support the tribune in its organs leading to the current. Source: SamMobile

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