Galaxy S9 will get the camera, it will reflect the rest of the phones strongly

Leaked image of the Fund for the Galaxy S9 provided us with details of interesting about the flagship camera associated, the rumors were previously saying that the Galaxy S9 وS9 plus will be able to slow motion at 1,000 frames per second anything to camera shutter will be too fast. Slow motion is a feature already available in the Xperia XZ premium has we have reviewed for you previously, so what makes a camera a Samsung flagship unique? Going to be the answer to this is “the slot number of the variable”, where the mentioned Fund Galaxy S9 that the main camera will be able to move between f/1.5 and f/2.4 based on the scenario, this is a very important export videos to high rate frame, where to need the camera shutter to work on extremely high speed results capture less light by the sensor, what makes slow-motion video environments in the dark is a difficult task, and thus opened a large work desk is extremely important, as it allows the passage of more light.

Improve photography, sharper images in daylight

Aperture f/1.5 won’t help in the recording of slow Best the videos, then export low lighting will be better shots for the passage of more light, while in the environment with high lighting will change the aperture to f/2.4 so the specifics will be captured more clearly for the passage of a few of the highlights, many of them in such a scene produces the distortion due to the curvature of the light beam.

comparison of imaging Note 8 girl f/2.4 and the Samsung flip W2018 girl f/1.5

Better insulation

Hardware the cameras in phones are small in size and, consequently, firms to hire the software to isolate the background during filming, however, Aperture of f/1.5 a mess S9 will make the sensor able to increase the fog in the background is what provides the isolation is the best among flagship phones. The most prominent example of this is the two pictures below, both taken by Samsung W2018 flip which features a girl lens variable.



Even now, we don’t know anything about sensor size, but it may be ISOCELL Fast 2L9 with the accuracy of the 12 maps which was revealed by Samsung in October 2017, which is capable of accommodating Aperture lens variable and slow motion at 1,000 frames per second, but the interesting attention to the pixels of the sensor of 1.28 µm, i.e., smaller than the Galaxy S8 and Nokia 8 available their sensor, 1.4 µm, so we do not know currently How do you deal with Samsung with this change the size of the pixel.

Last words

Won’t be Galaxy S9 is the first phone in the world, is a girl of a variable, Arts gifts N86 which was launched in 2009 it has 3 stages for the slot variable which is f/2.4 and F/3.2 as well as f/4.8, and with progress reached by phones currently become necessary to return such ideas were once interesting. Finally, it is rumored that Galaxy S9+ coming girl f/1.4 camera Double, currently we don’t know if what was going to happen on the slot of the Fixed Lens on both cameras and switch between them just based on the scenario or we’ll both be variable as the camera monounsaturated mess S9.

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