Galaxy S9/S9+ and Nokia 9 available discounts up to$ 430

Looking a fan of Samsung phones leading each year for the best discounts available in order to be able to buy them at prices that fit their budgets, despite the end of the season Black Friday discount his unique this year, only to Monday other special occasion also known as Cyber Monday, where a greater focus on technical products and subscriptions monthly and annual subscriptions to the various digital services, which is why we offer you today’s best deals on Amazon on the series phones Galaxy 9, which provides discounts up to$ 430 with the provision of the second generation of the speaker Amazon Echo smart also with any of the three phones for free.

Start the bride to dance with the Galaxy Note 9 available at a price of 800 instead of$ 1,000 to$ three color options include blue, purple and black, what makes discount of up to$ 430 due to the fact that the speaker Aiko totally free, as available version storage capacity of 512 gigabytes at a price of 1,050 instead of$ 1,250$ to work with.

Buy Samsung Galaxy Note 9 of the Amazon

At the same time, can get the Galaxy S9+ vs 640$ with the speaker Amazon Echo Amazon Echo Spot, while you can get the Galaxy S9 at a price of 520$ only also with both devices.

Buy Samsung Galaxy +S9 from Amazon

Buy Samsung Galaxy S9 from Amazon

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