Galaxy S9 mini shows set up camera iPhone X

Samsung’s strategy with the telephone S9/S9+ this year aiming for you to S9+; no increase in the memory capacity of the RAM, storage, support dual camera has not changed S9 on S8 much, but it seems that Samsung is in possession of a strange phone, The size and specifications of the S9 but with a camera Double column located left corner at the back and that the iPhone X.

The phone received a certificate from the Federal Communications Commission that S9 Chinese, and because the parties circular, it refers to the family of Galaxy S, what means that the phone is S9 mini, but set up the Camera Dual shot some S9+ mini.

The monitoring of the phone on the website TENAA screen Super for 5.8 inch, by addressing the Snapdragon 845 with two options for RAM: 4/6 gigabytes of address space, cameras wallpaper Double 12 megapixel, battery 3,000 mA. And the Launch Date of the phone in China and the probability of its global launch, or its price remains a secret held by Samsung at the moment.

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