Galaxy S8 price in Russia has broken a historic low

Galaxy S8 price in Russia dropped to a historic low. Now the basic version of last year flagship Samsung Electronics is available, only slightly more than 31 thousand rubles. It follows from the materials of the representatives of national retailers, which examined

Judging by the situation on the market, each retailer, remembering the imminent release of the Galaxy Note 9, which is not much time, striving to attract consumers by any means. There is therefore nothing surprising in the fact that the price of Galaxy S8 from different sellers can vary even for 10 rubles.

The older model with the index “+” it is available for only 33 rubles. For the money to domestic consumers offer a very efficient device with an excellent AMOLED display, excellent camera and the prospect of a speedy upgrade to Android P.

Obviously, in this case we are talking about the so-called “grey” retailers are realizing smartphones imported into the country bypassing official channels of supply. Such instances are not subjected to mandatory certification and are not subject to service within the one-year limited warranty.

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