Galaxy S7, not yet received Oreo, will update in July?

Android Oreo

Upgrade to the new OS based on software next smartphone from the leader of the market of mobile devices in this category, Samsung is always an important event. That message indicates that the likelihood of an early start the upgrade to Android Oreo yet another smartphone flagship line of Samsung Galaxy S7.

Galaxy S7 Active обновят до Oreo

Update Samsung Galaxy S7 to Oreo held, but in the line S7 is a device that has not received another version developed by the Google mobile OS. We are talking about the model Galaxy S7 Active, also known by his code name SM-G891A. Himanshu (Himanshu) reviewed on the resource page with reference to information indicating an approximation of the updates of the considered smartphone. The new OS, as noted, to start to be provided for these devices in July 2018.

Phone running the Android operating system 8.0 appeared on the website of the Wi-Fi Alliance. It usually is an important sign that the update device will begin soon. However, a definite start date for the provision by Samsung updating to Android 8.0 Oreo Galaxy S7 Active not specified.

To discuss upgrading to Oreo smartphones Samsung Galaxy S7 readers can Telegram chat.

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