Galaxy S7 Edge buy fire suddenly

Re-ignition of the first Galaxy Note 9 disaster Note 7 to the minds of the press, and while still Samsung are investigating the incident, posted one photo to ignition his phone S7 Edge.

Tells the user in his publication on the ridge that was put S7 edge in my back pocket, and take pictures, but the phone stops responding and extinguished, and after failed attempts to turn it on, leave it on the table to run out by the fire after Seconds.

Went to the victim his cell phone to follow Samsung’s local but he was told that the warranty had been implemented and that there is no what they can to implement it. After the tweets to customer service, contact branch Samsung Morocco and apologized for the bad handle.

And later offered him a replacement phone its a mess S9 vs deleted all of his publications on social media about the problem, which met the victim of rejection, but what if you spread the publication offered the S9 without any obligations.

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