Galaxy S11 will receive three front cameras selfies

Give the office the Korean Intellectual Property Rights KIPO patent new Samsung intending to submit a new phone holds the long hole within the screen from the front with 3 the camera the other phone carries three cameras selfie from the front.

This step probably is the next step with and Samsung the current year with the Galaxy S-10 Plus which protects the hole from the front carries two cameras selfies especially that the new cameras carry the same shape so it’s easy to stop it custom for Galaxy S11 Plus the next.

In the galaxy the S-11 was the main camera selfies next to the camera or other sensor to measure the depth and the portraits so the lens might be a third in the S-11 plus a custom angle clear of the to the principles.

Anyway, there is still plenty of time before the reveal of the Samsung Series Galaxy S11 so you can expect to see more leaks in the coming days.


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