Galaxy S11 coming Talk iphone 11 report of camera outstanding

Still the specification camera Samsung Galaxy S11 vague, it is no wonder in it because the phone will be launched in 2020, but we might know now about the photography of your phone through one of the leaks, which will be inspired by the iPhone application 11 the main accordingly the registration, the information comes from the leakerUniverseIce, which is a source of fairly reliable news about the upcoming smartphone, which indicates that Samsung are developing the function of post-treatment similar to the Deep Fusion.

Deep Fusion is a technique in phones Apple new smart, which analyses the photo color and texture, etc., to improve the image and make it look as brilliant as possible, it’s do it via machine learning, but also by capturing multiple images with great different to capture the scene fully, it should be noted that many of the smartphones have similar features already, with a different HDR, as many of the Android phones already have the software post-processing to some extent. Moreover, the camera which captures multiple images and assemble them in one is not a new feature, it was a major selling point the Google Pixel 3, and even Nokia 9 PureView can do it.

Tend to camera Galaxy S11

Galaxy S11 القادم يتحدى iphone 11 بتقنية كاميرا متميزةGalaxy S11 coming Talk iphone 11 with camera premium

It’s impressive in Deep Fusion’s iPhone 11 is that the processing power of the smartphone you will find it easy and rapid to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the image to improve it, unlike most phones, Android smart sometimes containing offers modest in this regard, one such example is the Samsung Galaxy S10, where it has a great camera, but the group of features improved the materials may be non-existent, this is understandable because Samsung has focused on other areas (such as the functions of Live Focus or the Shot Suggestion), But can do that job, machine learning, advanced also.

If you brought the Samsung function, machine learning, advanced to the Samsung Galaxy S11 (I called it a less mysterious than the Deep Fusion), you may be much better than camera iPhone 11, we will have to wait until early 2020 to see if this happens or not.

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