Galaxy S10+and S10 show in full Live Photos

I began to leak a series Galaxy S10 spread profusely recently, where we finally got the first image leak of course real models of advanced phones the Galaxy S10+S10 through one of the German sites interested in follow-up to the Korean company.

Confirm the images of all the information contained passes the sixth of a hole for the front camera in the S10 is standard, while the download version plus the bigger front camera double hole double.

Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ live images leak in crystal clear quality

Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ live images leak in crystal clear quality

Located holes for the front camera on the upper right of the screen instead of the left side in the phone Galaxy A8s recently announced a similar design.

I didn’t reveal leaks any details about the cameras the front, despite the confirmation of the image having a camera background of the three of both women, unlike the Galaxy S9 that came with the lens background one, despite the presence of dual camera by plus the biggest, where there will be a version of the S10-Lite new this time is expected to come with a camera double.

This despite the fact that the holes of the front cameras allowed to abandon the party of the upper screen in full, however, there is still the accuracy of the small marked down, but apart from that we find that the two phones have the appearance of extremely smooth, with large screens already appeared behind the glass, add the presence of suitable headphones and USB-C.

Source: AllAboutSamsung

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