Galaxy S10 will be the first Samsung phones fingerprint reader in the screen

It seems that Samsung’s premium strategy and the launch of new features to the series Galaxy A before the phones leading by leaking a new.

Allegedly the Chinese plant known accurately sees that the Galaxy A10 will be the first Samsung phones fingerprint reader built-in to the network.

And because we expect the arrival of Galaxy S10 before the end of March 2019, it is expected that the A10 was officially launched during January or February, although the source did not require details of other this is not the first time we hear about Galaxy A10.

Had already revealed the same source from before that Samsung developed a phone of series of Galaxy A run by the processor Snapdragon 845; the right what was said about the reader insight, perhaps the A10 is the most appropriate choice with such a powerful processor especially since the A8s come with a processor Snapdragon 710.

Recall that the Galaxy A8s abandoned the Super AMOLED screen and hearing the traditional 3.5 mm which may be the same as the case of the A10, as it seems that Samsung want to differentiate the series A representative of new and high performance by virtue of that Snapdragon 710 is the most powerful processors category available و845 is processor flagship phones 2018.

This previously reported rumor that the reader of the footprint that will be coming to phones Galaxy available will be of type “visual” in the market currently, and not of kind “ultrasound” the most sophisticated , which will come with the Galaxy S10.

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